Whatever happened to Mr. Lime?

10 Aug


Oh yeah.

Confused? Have a look at this.


Light as a feather

9 Aug

It’s been a long time, I’ll try to make it up with lots of photos 🙂
Fimo is a form of clay, but also a kind of plastic. So the resulting product is very lightweight. Below are two icecream earrings hanging on a tulip petal.

And here is the doughnut heaven:

In a while I’ll make new earrings. Perhaps berries, or apples? If you have any good ideas, give me a tip, maybe I’ll make it 🙂

And, I’ll include the newest contribution to the store, needle felted animals for window decorations.

As well as new pin cushions:

Needle cushions

19 Feb

Needle felted needle cushions with a touch of spring 🙂
These are for sale at Sukker in Trondheim.


15 Feb

Oh, my. It really is a sample holder from the physics lab. But once you see the monkey, it will never be a sample holder again.

Lids have feelings too

11 Feb

This small lid for my cooking pan is shocked!

Birds of Spring

6 Feb

The needle felting has continued and colorful birds of spring have been made 🙂

They can hold on to branches or sit on your finger.

Felting and crochet

30 Jan

I got myself a new hobby. Wool has reentered my life, along with long, sharp needles with small hooks. Needlefelting is alot of fun, and is recommended for everyone who likes to sculpt in 3D. First off the needle-felted pincoushin and the little colourful birds of spring:

And the crocheted bumblebee, my first amigurumi I think: